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Your Home For Exciting Functional Fitness

Welcome to Cyclone, where we're helping Statesville stay fit with high-energy classes for all abilities. Our system is built on the CrossFit foundation of functional fitness - but we offer SO MUCH MORE! With us, you'll enjoy constant support from our professional staff and incredible motivation with the help of our ever-changing curriculum. Our goal is to make fitness training accessible to everyone in our community and we do that by offering modifications for everything we do. At Cyclone, you'll be accepted from day one and support on your path to better health and fitness. Learn more today!

Our Expert Team

Our team is dedicated to your success and we'll prove it from day one. We have trained men and women of all abilities and backgrounds and we take pride in ensuring that you have the best chance to thrive.


Our Core Values

Our core values consist of honesty, acceptance, caring, youthfulness and making a difference! We believe success begins with taking personal responsibility and we're here to make it happen one step at a time.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create strong, powerful and intentioned people by providing an amazing environment that delivers education, encouragement, support, and fellowship.


Our Commitment To You

Whatever your fitness goals are - whether it is to become an elite athlete or just be able to pick up your grandchildren - we are here to help you. All we ask is that you give us 100% effort and be open to change and possibilities!

Group Fitness

Group Fitness in Statesville - Cyclone

Personal Training

Personal Training  in Statesville - Cyclone


Nutrition in Statesville - Cyclone

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Erin Purgason, Cyclone testimonialS

When I joined CrossFit Cyclone in January 2015 the professionalism, coaching, and support by the people in this box set my soul on fire! The environment was exactly what I needed to overcome my previous mental and physical blocks. In college I sustained compression fractures in my t8 and t9 .... Read more

Erin Purgason

Julie Trudeau, Cyclone testimonialS

I had my physical yesterday morning (I took the 8:30 a.m. class) and my Blood pressure is back to normal. In fact, it’s excellent (114/70) and I’ve lost 7 pounds plus inches and body fat. Probably the best gift I received yesterday. My doctor asked what I was doing and I told him I started taking .... Read more

Julie Trudeau

Sabrina, Cyclone testimonialS

You have achieved some amazing results since you started with us, and we would appreciate it if you would share your story. <br/>What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program? I was tired of feeling miserable and not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I have an auto immune disorder .... Read more


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